Parents Advocacy

End of an era!

After all these years, the Parents Advocacy Project is coming to an end.

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How Can Advocacy Help

The aim of the project is to support vulnerable parents to :

  • have access to all relevant information

  • attend formal meetings within the Child Protection process

  • understand their rights and choices when faced with Child Protection procedures

  • feel that they are participating in the Child Protection process

  • work alongside all professionals involved in their familys lives

  • feel listened to, included and respected.


Central Advocacy Partners:

  • help vulnerable parents to have their views heard

  • believe that parents voices are important, meaning that only the parent will tell the advocacy worker what to do

  • can support parents to make decissions by helping them to get the information they need to make informed choices

  • will give parents time to think about the choices they want to make.

Working with Advocacy

  • advocacy is free

  • advocacy is independent

  • the project supports vulnerable parents living in Forth Valley, who have a learning disability,learning difficulties or are on the autism spectrum.

Who can refer?

Anyone can make a referral.

All we askis that you tell the person you are referring who we are and to expoect us to contact them.

If you would like some more information or an referral form sent then please phone 01324 633321 or email